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SPRING - A season full of changes, even for your plants!

SPRING - A season full of changes, even for your plants!

Temperatures are gently beginning to rise and it is finally officially spring.

For your plants, that means a lot of changes, too. For example, now is the best season to take cuttings from your best growers, to start feeding your plants again (you could also use some extra energy after such a long winter's nap!) and to give those same strong growers a little more space in their pots.

In this blog post, we briefly summarize our best tips for spring!





After a long winter, your plants can finally enjoy some sunshine again. Just be careful: sometimes they can still burn, because they are not yet used to higher UV levels. Really! So be careful not to put your plants near the window too soon and be sure that the plants that are in your window can also withstand the sun. 


By the way, did you know that it's also best to rotate your plant a little from time to time? Not too much (you'll scare it!) but a few degrees now and then so that all the leaves get enough light over time.




It may seem logical, but during winter your plants need much less water than in spring or summer. You may have already noticed: your plants will need a little more water from now on and will dry out faster. Urgent time to raise the water level!



Hey psst, we have some super cute watering cans in store, by the way. You can find them (here).






You keep your plants best in an environment with high humidity. Of course, this is not always feasible in an urban setting. Therefore, you can spray them with a plant sprayer (plain water is perfect for this) on a regular basis.

By misting the leaves of your plants from time to time, they get a little more humidity in their immediate environment. Feel free to do this every day!

But be careful: your plants can burn faster if they stand with wet leaves in direct sun. So avoid this combination.



Haven't dusted off your plants yet after the winter? Then it's about time! 




Your plants have just come out of a long hibernation and "need" to start growing now. Spring and summer are the seasons in which your (indoor) plants get the most energy from sunlight, but also the seasons in which they use up the most energy. New leaves, who knows even flowers, and an ever taller or longer growing stem. Don't have any plant food for your plants yet? Then this is the season to start! 



  • Solid food: do you like to give your plants the security and choice to absorb extra food themselves? Then you can opt for solid granules, such as (these ones). Add the pellets to your potting soil, while repotting your plant.

    Not repotting anytime soon? Then you can also put the pellets on top of your potting soil. Then, when you water the plant, it will be absorbed and taken to the roots.

    Or opt for (Soil Sisters): you can easily bury this tablet in your potting soil. No need to repot the whole plant. 


  • Wet nutrition: Huh, wet? Well, they are liquid droplets that you can add to your water. This not only gives your plants water to quench their thirst, but also extra minerals and vitamins.

    Our favorite from Botanopia comes in a small bottle with pipette, for exact dosing to the drop, but also in a larger size with pump.

    By the way, did you know that you can also add this nutrient to your potting soil? Note: then the dosage will change! But everything is clearly explained on the packaging.





Do you notice when watering that the water does run through the soil of your plant very quickly? Or do you see roots appearing at the bottom of the pot? Then it is urgently time to repot your plant! Especially if it's been a while and your potting soil feels too light. Probably all the nutrients have disappeared from the soil. Time for new ones, then. 




What kind of pot do you need for that? We recommend going 10 to 20% larger in diameter. This way you can be sure that your plant has enough new space but not too big. 


And what is the best way to repot? We already made some nice reels about that, which you can watch again (here) and (here).

Did you know that you can easily make your own potting soil mix? Some plants need a soil that holds less water, or just more, others a potting soil that is a bit more airy or heavier. (Here) you can find all kinds of different soil or rock that you can add to your potting soil. 







Your plant easily recovers from any bits you might cut off now - which is why it's not only the perfect season to clean your plant (and give all those dry leaves a trim, or just prune it for a new growth shape) but also to make cuttings! Your cuttings will also root much faster in spring and summer, and thus be ready for a spot in pot & soil, than during other seasons. 



How to make cuttings? Actually, it's pretty easy.

We already made a (reel) where we show you how to easily propagate a Rhaphidophora. Do you have an Epipremnum, a Monstera or a (certain species of) Philodendron? Most of these will make an aerial root effortlessly. Cut the piece you would like to take cuttings from under such a rootlet and leave it in water for several weeks.


But you don't necessarily need such aerial roots. Even plants without such roots you can easily take cuttings in the same way. Cut a piece off, clear the top centimeters of leaves (that way you prevent this piece from rotting when you put it in water) and leave it in water for a few weeks until roots appear. Then your plant is ready for pot AND soil!





Are you trying to propagate a cactus or another succulent? You will find that water is unfortunately not the ideal basis for this. You can use cutting soil to make roots, or a mix of perlite and water. That way you still have a wet base for taking cuttings without necessarily drowning your plant. 




Nice tips, right? Now you feel like repotting, taking cuttings or just taking extra good care of your current plants? Then feel free to drop by GRUUN and we'll be happy to help. Or do a search in our webshop. We deliver in Brussels or you can come pick it up in the store!


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