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BEDROOM HAPPINESS! The best green friends for a good night's sleep

BEDROOM HAPPINESS! The best green friends for a good night's sleep

March 17 is World Sleep Day. Yes, that's a real thing!

Health is of course the focus on such a day, and you may have already seen it pass by on our Instagram but we also like to use this blog to highlight some plants that look (and are!) good in your bedroom.

What do you mean "good in the bedroom"? It's a myth that still (unfortunately) goes around: plants in your bedroom, that wouldn't be a good idea. Plants are ALWAYS a good idea! So fortunately, that's just not true. Did you know that some plants even generate extra oxygen at night, making them the perfect bed partners? Then again, other plants give off a calming scent, or reduce your headache symptoms.


Sound like music (or a lullaby) to your ears? We're happy to list some of our favorite bedroom plants for you.


1. Sansevieria

This classic beauty might give you vintage vibes (or remind you of your dear grandmother) but did you also know that this plant became so popular mainly because of its air-purifying qualities? The sansevieria comes in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns, making it a plant we genuinely never get tired of. Have you heard of the Moonshine variety? It gets paler when it gets a lot of sun.


The sansevieria also produces more oxygen at night than during the day. This makes it a plant that is almost healing. Do you often suffer from headaches? The presence of the Sansevieria can easily solve this ailment for you.




Our full range of sansevierias can be found here in our webshop, or come check out our store!


2. The ZZ plant


Ah, the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or ZZ-plant. If you don't have a green thumb, this plant has undoubtedly been your best friend for a while now: it's simply impossible to kill this juggernaut (unless you've given it way too much water). It does well in all conditions: lots of direct sunlight or no direct light, water or no water, cold or hot.


Besides being a beautiful and easy eye-catcher in your interior, the ZZ is also a strong air-purifying plant. In fact, it converts harmful and chemical substances in the air back into core healthy oxygen. Wow!




Here you can find the Zamioculcas in our webshop.


3. The Epipremnum



Another easy plant? Yep! And this is a very nice hanging plant. No doubt you already know the Epipremnum - it is an easy and fast-growing hanging plant that instantly adds a green friend to your interior. It can tolerate a little direct sunlight, but does best in lots of indirect light, and is very talkative: as soon as the plant is thirsty, you will notice that the leaves start drooping. It could hardly be clearer.




In different colors as well as patterns, you have probably seen the Epipremnum in GRUUN. Did you know that this plant also cleans the air, making not only your eyes but also your lungs happy? (Now yes, your eyes are closed when you sleep, but still...)


Here you can find all the Epipremnum varieties in our webshop.


4. Jasmine



You probably didn't expect this one in this list! An outdoor plant? Yes, a little, but you can also keep jasmine indoors. It is currently our favorite: the terrace of GRUUN is full of it (because we also have a hanging pot version of this nice outdoor plant) and the smell spreads throughout our store.



It is this scent that makes jasmine so well known and why we like to highlight it in this blog. The calming scent of the flowers is guaranteed to give you a good night's sleep. But that's not the only reason (although the most obvious one): jasmine also cleanses the air and creates extra oxygen. So a good companion to have next to your bed (or in your bed, who knows).



5. Chlorophytum



It seems like this list only includes easy plants, and somewhere that's just true. Another easy plant you want to keep close by in your bedroom for extra healthy air is the Chlorophytum. You probably recognize it: this houseplant is so easy to propagate that all your friends have already given or received it as a gift. Don't have it yet? Do not panic, we have small sizes for small prices in the store!



And this plant is also animal friendly. Your cat can nibble on it, your dog and any other four-legged friends can go wild on it too: so you can sleep with peace of mind, on both ears. And that too while this plant cleans the air and transforms harmful substances into healthy oxygen.



6. Epiphyllum anguliger (fishbone cactus)



Prefer a plant that can tolerate some sun? The fishbone cactus is an easy plant to propagate and needs very little water. It is ideal in the bedroom (even a sunny one!) because it also effortlessly cleans and purifies the air.




We have these in a small size, or in a larger hanging pot.




7. Aglaonema



This beautiful plant comes in all kinds of colors and varieties. You've probably already seen the special Pink Star: an easy plant with bright pink leaves. The Crete, Silver Blue or Tigres are also regularly on the GRUUN shelves.



Like other plants in this post, the Aglaonema is the ideal sleeping partner: it cleans and purifies the air as well as being easy to care for. Lots (or little) indirect light and not too much water are the ideal conditions for a happy (sleeping) houseplant.




8. Calatheas



Unlike the previous (easy) plants, this one might make your hair stand on end immediately. The Calathea family already dares to be seen as difficult, but that's not necessarily true. If you find the right balance for these beautifully "painted" leaves, somewhere between lots of indirect sunlight and no sunlight throughout, between too wet or too dry, this "prayer plant" is still easy to maintain.



At night the leaves close. So don't be alarmed should you suddenly hear rustling, your Calathea just goes to sleep too. In its sleep mode, with its leaves (or hands) facing the sky, the Calathea increases the air quality in your bedroom and purifies your air. Actively, this plant then converts all CO2 to O2. What a breathe of fresh air!



This list is obviously not exhaustive, and just about every houseplant has an interesting air-purifying effect. So this blog post serves mainly as inspiration, and also to bring a little reading pleasure with some additional info, but the list of healthy houseplants goes on endlessly.


Curious about more? Then feel free to stop by GRUUN and we'll be happy to help you out.


Did this blog post give you inspiration and would you like to expand your own bedroom jungle? Then you will undoubtedly find something you like in our webshop. We deliver in Brussels or you can pick it up in the store!

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