We now deliver every day in Brussels by bike (excl. Sundays & Mondays)
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1 Gift card
1.1 I received a gift card, can I use it on your webshop?

Yes, we have 2 types of vouchers.

  • Physical gift cards: you received a card from our store with a barcode on it. From this you can use the digits at the bottom of the barcode at check out.
  • Digital gift cards (pdf or mail with barcode & numbers in it): the number at the top of the pdf, or in the mail, can be used at check out.

Is it not working? Feel free to send us an email! We'll see if we can turn your physical gift certificate into a digital one you can easily use on our webshop.

Of course you are always welcome in our store. We'll make it extra cozy! ;-) (and sssst, don't tell everyone, but maybe you'll have the best choice as well. And you'll get our best advice for free!)

1.2 I ordered a gift card but haven't received it yet. When can I expect it in my mailbox?

If you are in a hurry and would like to receive your gift card as soon as possible, you can opt to receive an automatically generated one. You can find these under "digital gift cards" on our web shop.

We love to make the gift card for you ourselves. We always try to finish this within 24 hours. So expect a short wait. ;-) Since we are working in the store most days, this can exceptionnally take a little longer (but of course we make it a priority to send it to you by mail as soon as possible). We also have a closing day, so please keep this in mind if it would take a bit longer.

Can't print it? No stress - it's not necessary.* You can forward the e-mail & giftcard directly to the lucky one. They can use the digital version in store (or on our webshop). Would you like a pretty paper version? Then come by the store, we have very nice giftcards here!


* Think about the trees <3

1.3 I received a Boncado to use at GRUUN. Can I use it on the web shop as well?

Unfortunately! We ask you to use the Boncado only in the physical store.

This is because there is no other way - we can only validate the Boncado system in the store.

You also need to use up the whole voucher in one go - unfortunately we can't split it into multiple sales.

1.4 How long is my gift card valid for?

After purchasing a gift card (or receiving one), the gift card is valid for 1 year. The date of expiration is always clearly written on every gift card, so make sure to double check.

Are you a bit late and has your card expired? Send us an e-mail or pass by in store! We'll figure something out. :-)

2 Delivery
2.1 Can you deliver my order tomorrow?

If you place your order before 2pm, our Dioxyde de Gambettes couriers have enough time to plan the delivery.

We deliver from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive. We do not deliver on Sundays or Mondays.

To receive your order at home the next day, please consult the deadlines for placing an order:

Delivery on ...

Order before ...  

Tuesday between 11am - 6pm

Sunday before 4pm

Wednesday between 11am - 6pm

Tuesday before 2pm

Thursday between 11am - 6pm

Wednesday before 2pm

Friday between 11am - 6pm

Thursday before 2pm

Saturday between 11am - 6pm 

Friday before 2pm

2.2 Do you deliver at home?

Yes! In Brussels Capital Region, our bicycle couriers are happy to deliver to your home daily (except for Mondays, Sundays & holidays - please keep this in mind). Place your order at least a day prior to the day you want your plants delivered, as our bikers have a busy schedule and need to plan everything ahead. 

Outside of Brussels? Then we are happy to ship pots, accessories, coffee (tools), etc.

For the time being, we do not ship plants.

Would you like something delivered outside of Brussels? You can always contact us by mail for special requests. Starting from €200-, we're happy to bring the plants a bit further to you.

2.3 Do you also deliver presents in Brussels?

We deliver throughout the whole Capital Region! So every "commune" that's part of the Brussels Region. Do you have a doubt? Double-check or send us an e-mail - our bikers legs don't go too far either for such a small price.

Would you like to surprise a loved one? Then we can help with that. ;-)

You can specify a delivery address other than yours under "delivery".
Do you also provide the mobile number of the lucky one? That way we can give them a call if they are not at home.
Make sure to place your order at least a day prior to the delivery date, to make sure our bikers can plan the delivery in advance.

We'll let the bike courier know it's a surprise and we'll be happy to add a personalized message or card!

2.4 I live outside of Brussels - do you deliver there as well?

Unfortunately, the legs of our cyclists cannot handle too big distances!

No, that's actually not true. It is just not possible to keep the delivery price interesting for long distances ánd to pay the cyclists correctly.

We can send (not too large) pots by post (but please keep in mind that they are fragile, and sometimes accidents do happen), as well as other nice accessories you find in our webshop. At the moment, we don't send plants.

Would you like us to deliver plants outside Brussels? You can always contact us by mail for special requests, together we will see what is possible.

2.5 I will only be home in the afternoon, can you guarantee an hour of delivery?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact hour when your order will be delivered.

The cyclists of Dioxyde de Gambettes do their best to catch up as fast as they can and go all over the city, but it is hard to promise exactly when they will be at your door.

You can always leave your cell phone number and the couriers will try to reach you by phone with their ETA (estimated time of arrival). Once the bikers leave our store, they also send you an e-mail with more concrete time schedules. 

2.6 I ordered plants online & chose "pick up in store". When can I stop by to pick up my order?

We're looking forward to meeting you in store! We'll get everything ready for you as soon as possible.

Depending on how busy it is in the store, this may take longer - but of course we make it a priority to get your order ready for pick up as soon as possible. ;-)

As soon as your order is ready for pick-up, we'll send you an email and only then are you expected in store. Please check our opening hours to make sure the store is open, as we don't allow pick-ups outside of our business hours. 

Are you still in a hurry and would like to come by faster? Feel free to send us an email, we'll try to make it happen as soon as possible!

2.7 My item was delivered broken. What now?

Oh no, that's a pity! Of course we do everything possible at GRUUN to prevent this and try to wrap your package as good as possible.

Unfortunately, occasionally, accidents still happen during delivery. Send us an e-mail within 24 hours (contact us on the address: [email protected]) with a clear description of the problem and some pictures. 

Together, we'll figure out what happened and make sure you get a refund or an exchange.

2.8 My plant doesn't look too fresh at delivery. What now?

Do you think some damage took place during the transport? Send us a picture within 24 hours.

Do you notice something else is up with your plants, like brown leaves, discoloration, ...? Please let us know immediately. Our plants always leave GRUUN in good condition, but we're happy to find out together what exactly is going on.

3 Ecocheques
3.1 Can I also pay with ecocheques?

Yes, this is possible! We accept Edenred, Monizze & Sodexo.

For now, this is only possible in store.

Ecocheques can only be used for plants, seeds and potting soil. (so no pots!)

We are looking into whether we will be able to accept them via the webshop in the future.

4 Plants & pots
4.1 Is everything listed on the web shop also available in the store?

Everything in the webshop, you'll also find in our store!

But occasionally you will find more in the store. ;-) This because of course we do our best to get everything online as soon as possible, but that does not always succeed.

Are you looking for something specific and want to double-check if we have it in the store? Feel free to send us an email, and we'll reply as soon as possible!

4.2 Can I order specific plants?

Are you looking for something specific, but can't find it in our webshop? You can always contact us by mail for special requests.

Or pop into the store! Maybe we have it in stock after all. ;-)

4.3 We are not sure how big our pot should be. Do you have any advice?

How big your pot should be depends on how you want to repot your plant.

If the plant is in a plastic pot, we recommend purchasing a ceramic pot at least 2cm larger.

Do you want to transplant your pot directly into a ceramic pot (or a terracotta pot)?
For pots without drainage, remember to use hydro grains to prevent your plant from being too moist.
It's also best to go about 2 to 3cm larger in diameter, so your plant has room to grow again.

Still want a bigger pot? You certainly can, if your plant is growing fast and you are sure the roots will be able to handle the water.

4.4 My office looks a bit plain, I would like to make it more GRUUN. Can you help?

We certainly can! And we're big fans of this kind of assignment, too. :-)

Would you like to have your desk, your office, another workspace or maybe just your patio or balcony GRUUNED? Then maybe our plant styling service is for you!

We'll create custom furnishings for your space, with plants that are sure to survive in those conditions.

Send us an email and together we'll find your ideal GRUUN space!

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