Senecio Rowleyanus Ø12

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This unusual succulent is also known as 'String of pearls' because of its pea-shaped leaves and long trailing stems.

Botanical name
: Senecio rowleyanus
Plant name: string of pearls

- diameter pot: 12cm

Care instructions
- light: lots of direct sunlight
- watering: water thoroughly and let the soil dry out completely between each watering
- min. temperature: 13°C
- humidity: no requirements
- extra: plant it in rocky soil, this won’t compact when you let it dry out. Make sure the top of the plant also receives direct sunlight when you hang it, or it will get bald on top.


Shipping info
- plants & bigger pots can only be delivered in Brussels or collected in-store. See shipping details.
- small pottery, accessories, books, etc. can be shipped by bpost in Europe. See shipping details.

Plants & pots are sold separately.
The actual plant may vary in shape or appearance from the one shown in the picture.

*When looking for a pot, always add at least 2cm to the size of the plastic plant pot.

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