PlantSpectrum32 - Growlight - standing

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Did you know? Plant light is measured in PPFD or DLI. Strength of light is typically measured in Lux.
Yellow light is more sensitive to the human eye, so the more yellow light, the more Lux.
However for plants this is almost the opposite. Plants are more sensitive to red and blue.
Therefor, they can not be measured in Lux. 
Light strength for plants is measured in PPFD, Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. Or simply said, the density of the light flow that results in photosynthesis.
Therefore the output of grow lights should be measured in PPFD, while Lux only indicates the strength of the grow light to the human eye. DLI stands for Daily Light Integral, and indicates the total amount of energy the plant needs on an average day. 

This depends on the total amount of hours of light you give to the plant, the distance the light source is placed from the plant and the strength (PPFD) of the light source.
You can find more info for specific plants and how to light them in their plant database.

In the box
IP65 full-Spectrum growlight
Standing mount
2x M4 hex screws, 1 hex L-key tool

Size: 12,5 x 12,5 x 78 cm

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