Philodendron verrucosum Ø12 h30

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A colourful climbing Philodendron with velvety leaves.

Botanical name: Philodendron verrucosum
Common name

- Diameter pot: 12 cm
- Height plant: 30 cm

Care instructions
- Light: This plant needs bright indirect light. An east-facing window is best.
- Watering: Try to keep the soil humid, but never soggy. When watering, water thoroughly and never let the soil dry out completely.
- Temperature: This plant likes temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 °C.
- Humidity: This Philodendron needs high humidity.
- Extra care info: Provide a potting mix that is airy and drains well, to provide sufficient aeration.

Shipping info
This plant can be delivered in Brussels or collected in-store. See shipping details.

Plants & pots are sold separately.
The actual plant may vary in shape or appearance from the one shown in the picture.

*When looking for a pot, always add at least 2 cm to the size of the plastic plant pot.

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