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  • Greenfinity Greenfinity stekpot met self-watering systeem Ø12 h 11 cm
  • Greenfinity Greenfinity stekpot met self-watering systeem Ø12 h 11 cm
  • Greenfinity Greenfinity stekpot met self-watering systeem Ø12 h 11 cm
  • Greenfinity Greenfinity stekpot met self-watering systeem Ø12 h 11 cm

Greenfinity stekpot met self-watering systeem Ø12 h 11 cm

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Greenfinity is based on automatic watering. An ingenious system of cotton wicks gives your plant all the nutrients it needs when it needs them. Simply provide water and the plant will take up the exact amount it needs to grow. The result: sustainable, healthy plants that grow without risk of water-logging or dehydration.

How does it work?

1. Set it up: Place your plant and soil in the terra cotta pot. Add water to the base tank through the inlet specially designed for this purpose.
2. Make cuttings: Cut 1-3 shoots from your plant and place them in the water-filled glass container.

3. Watch what happens: Over the next 2-8 weeks new roots will appear and grow in the glass container.

4. Plant your cuttings: Once its roots are long enough (3-5 cm/1½-2”), plant the cutting next to the parent plant in the terra cotta pot.

5. Repeat: Repeat the operation by cutting new shoots, placing them in the glass container, watching them grow, and planting them!

Over Greenfinity

Y Quan, a working mother who loves to cook. But she loves her 9-year-old son, Yanis, more than anything else.

During the lockdown in March 2020 Y Quan was finally able to return to one of her passions:  gardening. Eager to consume more sustainably and tired of buying countless plastic pots of fresh herbs that never seemed to last long enough, she decided to take matters into her own hands and make her own cuttings.  Her home was quickly awash in glass jars full of basil, mint, and other cuttings growing just about everywhere.

Besides the satisfaction she got from seeing her own plants grow and cooking the products of her own green thumb, Y Quan was delighted to see her son take an interest in this new habit. Fascinated by the plants taking shape before his very eyes, Yanis became his mother’s perfect assistant, turning the experience into an invaluable moment of family sharing. 

Ever on the lookout for improvements, Y Quan then started thinking about how to make the process simpler for her young son,  more aesthetic, and more practical for daily life. She thus created a single receptacle for the parent plant and cuttings with a well-thought-out design to keep the cuttings in place and add a decorative accent to the home.

Greenfinity was born.


- Designer: Greenfinity
- Kleur: Terracotta en glas
- Gewicht:  1032 g
- Materiaal: Pot uit terracotta en stekvaasje uit glas


L19.5 x D13.5 x H15.5 cm


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Planten en potten worden apart verkocht.
Foto's door Greenfinity.

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