Ecopot 'Amsterdam' - White Grey ∅30

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We zijn volop bezig met deze pagina te vertalen naar het Nederlands! Bedankt voor jouw geduld.

This design pot is made from recycled materials and has a distinctive, handmade finish.

Ecopots is an exciting brand in flower pots, plant pots and planters for both indoor and outdoor use. It combines design with innovation and usability with sustainability and is the go-to brand for people who are looking for timeless design in pots for home, garden or balcony.

Made from up to 80% recycled plastic with a natural look and unique handmade finish.
Unlike fiber clay flowerpots, Ecopots are shock and shatterproof.

Lightweight. UV- and frost proof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

- ∅ inside: 27.30 cm
- ∅ outside: 30 cm
- height: 26.3 cm
- weight: 2.55 kg
- colour: white grey

This pot can be delivered in Brussels or collected in-store. See shipping details.

Pictures by Ecopots.

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