Cyanotype Kit

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Do you dream of creating your own unique art prints? With our Cyanotype kit, you have everything you need to create impressive mini works of art, at home, using just the sun and little leaves or plants.

The kit contains :

- A detailed instruction booklet in NL + FR ( + our video tutorial!)
- 200ml of cyanotype emulsion – in powder form, just add water.
- A glass contact frame
- 24 sheets of assorted papers with different textures
- a foam paintbrush
- a measuring cup, mixing cup and disposable gloves

Bonus: Each kit also contains a print of a cyanotype made by Botanopia, as an example.

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 55 cm
Language of the instructions
English + Deutsch, Français + Nederlands
Country of Origin

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