Cactus Ø15 - Cereus repandus

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Not blessed with a green thumb? Then this low-maintenance cactus might become your new green best friend. 

name: Cereus repandus
Plant name: lady of the night cactus

- diameter pot: 15cm
- height plant: 10cm

Care instructions
- light: lots of direct sunlight
- watering: water plenty once a month. During the heat of the summer you can even water your cactus once a week if the soil and light requirements are optimal. You can also stop watering them at all between November and February.
- min. temperature: -6°C

Shipping info
- plants & bigger pots can only be delivered in Brussels or collected in-store. See shipping details.
- small pottery, accessories, books, etc. can be shipped by bpost in Europe. See shipping details.

Plants & pots are sold separately.
The actual plant may vary in shape or appearance from the one shown in the picture.

*When looking for a pot, always add at least 2cm to the size of the plastic plant pot.

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