XL Self Care & Plant Care Box

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Plants keep us happy and mindful.
When we tend to our houseplants, we tend to ourselves too <3

This box combines self care and plant care. Win-win, let's say!

You can keep your plants happy by giving them some extra plant food.
And did you know pruning a plant gives them extra energy?
But after taking care of your plants: take care of your beautiful hands of course ;-)

What's in the Self Care & Plant Care Box?

  • 1 bottle of Plant food Complete Organic Plant Nutrient [250ml]

  • 1 Japanese scissor [long]

  • 1 hand cream *For your hands only* by Cîme [a lovely skincare brand from Brussels]

  • Plantfulness: This box of colourfully illustrated cards guides you through 50 houseplants which enable you both to thrive in a symbiotic relationship.

  • a little extra: a lovely GRUUN postcard with your personal note on it!

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