Light Grey Pot Ø24 h28 cm

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Glazed green ceramic pot by Serax.


- ∅ inside: 24 cm [this pot fits plastic pots/plants with a diameter of 23.5 cm or smaller]
- ∅ outside: 32 cm
- height: 28 cm

- designer: Serax
- weight: 3.35 kg
- colour: light grey
- material: ceramics

This pot is also available in other sizes and colours.

* The pots are treated with a thin waterproof coating on the inside, but this does not guarantee 100% watertightness. Therefore, we recommend not to plant directly in the pot, but to place the plant in a plastic pot + saucer or use a plastic bag on the inside. Cracks can form if the plant is planted directly in the pot.

Plants and pots are sold separately.

This pot can only be delivered in Brussels or collected in-store. See shipping details.

Pictures by Serax.

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