Helleborus Niger Verboom White ∅12

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botanical name: Helleborus niger
plant name: White Hellebore Plant

White hellebore is a winter bloomer that has emerged as a popular house plant for the holiday season. Often called Christmas Rose, flowers bloom from winter through spring.

light: Put your potted hellebore plant where it will get partial or filtered sunlight.
Indirect morning sun and afternoon shade will suit it fine.

min. temperature: Cool to average 7-18°C 

watering: Keep the soil evenly moist while hellebore is growing and flowering. Water less after flowering is finished. Yellow leaves are caused by overwatering.

extra care info: To repot...or not? Repot white hellebore when you see roots at the soil surface or coming out the drainage holes. Wait till spring to repot -- never while it's blooming. 

∅ pot: 9 cm
h plant: 15 cm

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