Hadithi Basket M - traditional by Constance

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Handmade & fair-trade baskets! Buying this basket means that you’re supporting a magnificent project providing these Kenyan women a fair wage & a better future.

A colorful addition to any interior. We love to use them as a plant pot.
Don’t forget to put a saucer in it!

But you can use them as well to store your blankets, underwear, or even your toilet paper rolls.

Hadithi Crafts is a collection of traditional and contemporary colors and natural sisal baskets, hand-woven according to Taita tradition.
The women grow sisal on their own fields, then they twist and color the sisal until it becomes a beautiful rope. The sale of these baskets has become an important source of income sustaining the position of local women.



- Size XS: ∅ 10-15 cm - H ±12 cm
- Size S: ∅ 16-20 cm - H ±23 cm
- Size M: ∅ 21-25 cm - H ±17 cm
- Size L: ∅ 26-30cm - H ±28 cm

Please note that all baskets are unique, therefore they can differ in height & diameter.
Material: Sisal
Plant not included

These baskets can be delivered anywhere! See shipping details. 

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