Coffee & Plant Lover Box

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Do you want to give the ultimate GRUUN experience to someone?
Sipping coffee surrounded by lovely plants - sounds like heaven, right?

We created some lovely gift boxes for each plant person out there! 

What's in the Coffee & Plant Lover Box?

  • 250 g Rich Kid, Espresso Blend * [Not Ground or Ground - let us know at the check out!]

  • 2 small coffee plants [care tips included]

  • 2 small pots to put your lovely coffee plants in: nude & forest green

  • a little extra: a lovely GRUUN postcard with your personal note on it!





* botanical name: Coffea arabica
plant name: coffee plant

light: bright indirect light, they can get used to more direct light gradually. A south facing window is too much. 
min.temperature: 14°C
watering: keep the soil slightly moist
extra care info: spray regularly and take it with you under the shower one in a while

∅ pot: 7 cm
h plant: 14cm

* Rich Kid Espresso Blend:

Sweet and well-balanced espresso blend with a smooth mouthfeel and medium acidity.
Brazil naturals tend to lean towards lower acidity & richer body than African naturals due to terroir, climate & processing. This makes the perfect base for our espresso blend, we balance this with a washed Ethiopian from Tessema Edima in Yirgacheffe.
Ideal as both espresso and with all milky drinks, packed with chocolate & hazelnut.


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